Thursday, January 30, 2014

day thirty, white out. { project 365 }

Tyler worked one of his funny shifts today. When it happens on Thursdays I usually hope he comes along to story time at the library with us. He didn't have to go into work until 1 today and we've missed the last couple of weeks of story time (super cold weather with two little kids and all that goes along with getting in and out of the car.. doesn't always sound attractive to do alone).

We woke up to a few inches of snow and the snow was continuing to come down. I'm glad he was planning to come with us.. driving there was quite an adventure. We typically meet friends for coffee before story time but not only did we not make it to that in time, we were a little late to story time. But I'm happy we went - our friends were there and a whopping total of six kids. There is usually something like 26 kids there. So it was a nice, quiet, fun, small group. :)

By the time we got home the snow had stopped and the sky was bright and sunny. I think the high was supposed to be around 18 and boy did it feel great. Yes, I just said that.

As soon as we got everyone out of the car I bundled Olive up in her snow pants and warm mittens so she could enjoy the snow in the bright sunlight and "warmth". It's also nicer to have her play in fresh snow since there are layers and layers of frozen gifts from our dog, Honey. ew. When there is fresh snow I can pretend it's not there. And I know she won't find it.

I stayed inside and hung out with June but peeked at her from the sunroom and gave her some beach toys to play with. ha. I also kept reminding her that hot cocoa would be ready for her as soon as she was ready to come inside. I hoped that would ease the transition and making coming inside somewhat motivating. It worked! :)

A few times when I asked if she was feeling cold while playing outside she said "Well.. I'm a little cold, but not really too cold." so she continued to play.

Today's photo: Olive "vacuuming" snow:

And a few more for fun:

Honey really likes to run around in the snow. Even on very very cold days she doesn't complain. Notice our outdoor furniture that I never got around to putting in the garage? (blame it on having a baby) Notice the snow alllll the way up to the bottom of the seats? yeah.

Honey is difficult to photograph in the snow. She's always moving so so fast.

June was waiting for me inside and wasn't too happy about my absence.. so I couldn't be too patient with Honey. But wanted to catch her with a snow covered nose. :)

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