Tuesday, January 14, 2014

tropical engagement. { frost on flower }

On Sunday I had a quick engagement session at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at Como Park in St. Paul.  There aren't too many indoor places to go for photos in the winter months around here.  My list of free destinations is small and those that cost are small, too, but this couple suggested the conservatory.

It's a fun tropical looking location but is usually very busy on the weekends which makes the entire session rather challenging.  The conservatory requires the purchase of a $25 photography permit and enforces that strictly.  The permit is only good for 30 minutes so it's always a face paced session full of strategy because of the sheer volume of people inside.  Certain shots work with other visitors in the background but most do not.  So a lot of very quick thought has to be placed about where to spend time, what is worth waiting for, framing shots creatively, and trying not to bump into anyone or fall into a fountain.

I threw in a few outdoor shots of the conservatory in case they're making an album.



The conservatory is full of benches.




The Sunken Garden has wonderful light but is always packed full of people.  I photographed a small wedding in this garden a couple of years ago.  It was great to have the chance to photograph anywhere inside without people all around.

We're not supposed to bring props to the conservatory but they managed to sneak this pillow around with us.


These shots, looking down a path, are the most challenging and take a lot of waiting.. but we manage to squeeze in a few.






I can't wait to photograph their beach themed wedding later this year!

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