Saturday, January 4, 2014

day four, welcome home. { project 365 }

Today I was anticipating bringing my camera along to a meeting at a local gymnastics gym. That meeting didn't happen so the photo didn't happen. Then I thought I would bring my camera along when I ran to the co-op for groceries - but I forgot. Today was a little weird, as days sometimes are in the winter. Tyler had to go in this morning to clear snow, despite it being the weekend. He was gone longer than he had hoped so I had to postpone my meeting. And overall the day just felt off.. like a weekday but not.

 In the end I guess I'm glad I didn't head to the co-op with my camera. It was so so so busy there. They were out of all but one type of eggs. And I had to buy turkey for Haria because there was no chicken left. It was that kind of busy. So maybe it would have helped break out of my shell when it comes to photographing in very public places.. but it was so busy and congested and chaotic in there that it wouldn't have been enjoyable. I think everyone is trying to stock up before it's -50 degrees outside. Yikes.

And I'm also glad I didn't take photos there because I came home to a perfect opportunity. What a quaint and cute little welcome...

It looks like this project may end up containing a few photos on each day. While the one above is clearly my favorite, some of the other perspectives were nice and Olive's moving is enjoyable, too.

I wish she would have looked at me more. But most toddlers are not models. And I didn't want her to try too hard anyhow.. this is just how I found her.

I cheated a bit and was able to use almost the same settings that I did last night - so I didn't need to do too much work to obtain these. Though I don't mind because it's very chilly outside and I didn't want to stand out there for too long!

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