Friday, January 10, 2014

day ten, cooking. { project 365 }

Sometimes I have time to cook dinner before Tyler gets home.
Sometimes I rush to get dinner made right after he gets home while he keeps one or two kiddos somewhat happy and/or distracted.
Sometimes I hope we eat out.

Tonight I tried to start dinner before he got home.  I peeled two beets.  The rest of dinner making was slow going - Olive has had a rough end to the week and June kept wanting to eat (what's new?!) so dinner took a bit longer than it needed to.

I don't often cook with saffron so I thought I should document it.  Here it is in a bubbling saucepan of coconut milk.  Olive and I both stood on a dinning room chair to photograph this.  Me with my dSLR and her with her point and shoot.  I picked her up so she could get an ariel view of the pot.  And talked about how it's best to stand in the middle of chair so she doesn't tip over.  We had to stand far away because I had my 85mm lens on.  In the middle of cooking it didn't seem like a wise idea to run upstairs for an alternate lens.  I had to correct the white balance in post processing.. I was a little yellow in camera, but not too far off.

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