Monday, January 13, 2014

day thirteen, two things. { project 365 }

Two things for today.

Olive has been getting a lot better at drawing actual things lately.  She really doesn't draw that often so it's exciting when she makes something real.  But scribbles are cool too.  Just last week she drew her first smiley faces.  Actually she painted them.  That was exciting to see.. I've never really encouraged her to try making them so it was all her.

Today she did this:

At the top of the easel, which you cannot see, is a round scribble that she said is a squash.
The face in the middle is a balloon.  "A carrot balloon."
Under that is "a guy on a bed."
And at the bottom is a guy who got hurt.. I think his eye fell off, if I remember correctly.

She then borrowed my phone to take a photo.

And the second thing:

Back in the fall I bought a lighting setup and backdrop holder.  I got this for doing indoor sessions in the winter and in hopes of doing team photos so I can possible trade or build up a connection with a gymnastics or dance place for Olive.

Since I'm new at this I wanted to go cheap.  Unfortunately the lighting set up was too cheap.  It broke in transit.  So I returned it.

Recently I was doing a bit more research and decided to spend a little more but still go with an affordable set up.  I'm using my speedlites so I don't have to purchase any additional lights.  I bought more expensive but compact (so a little cheaper) stands and had to buy two attachments for them so attach the speedlites and umbrellas.

There are a few different types of umbrellas - shoot through and reflectors.  Shoot throughs are for letting the light go through them, with the opening of the umbrella facing away from your subject.  Reflectors reflect the the light so the light faces away from the subject and the opening of the umbrella faces towards them - these come in silver, gold, white, and probably other colors.  I decided to do both.  I found umbrellas that are reflective on the inside but light so light can pass through them.  They have black removable covers so they can be removed to shoot through or put on for reflecting.  Perfect!

I took a few shots of June and Tyler tonight because I was excited to set it all up and see what it was like.  This was set up in our bedroom as Tyler put Olive to bed.  Basically very little thought and no planning went into this... at all.

I asked Tyler to take a seat real quick.  I took three shoot through photos.  Two of them did something odd that I need to investigate further.  I knew it would happen but I wanted to do it again, to show Tyler.  So I didn't keep those.  The one on the right is on the only reflected shot I took.  But see the difference?  Shoot through is great for portraits.. it's a lot softer.  It also lights up the surrounding area.  The reflected light is a lot more direct and harsher.  The back wall is a lot darker so it isolates the subject.  Can't wait to play around with them more!

The one on the right should totally by Tyler's LinkedIn profile photo.

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