Wednesday, January 1, 2014

day one, chess lessons. { project 365 }

Super last minute I thought of another New Year's resolution: A 365 photo project.

The rules are: 
it must be taken in manual mode on a dslr
It must be taken using custom white balance
It must be uploaded, edited, and uploaded online that day (if we're home)

I don't photograph day to day activities enough. If I'm going to continue to grow creatively and expand my skills I need to photograph more than only things I am paid for. This will challenge me to use my cameras in not always ideal settings and will challenge me to use manual modes when it may be easier and faster to rely on some in-camera help.

I enjoyed photographing our activities each day for our advent activities in 2012 - I learned a lot that month. So why not do an entire year?

I would love to get better at street and stranger photography. Not only photographing when it's easy for I've been hired to do so. 

Unfortunately I thought of this idea after we arrived home from a trip out for brunch today. With fading light I quickly snapped a photo of Tyler teaching Olive how to play chess. 


  1. I love it. :) I had to catch up all 12 days. They're all so fun and inspiring!

    1. It's hard to keep up. It's hard for me to do! haha