Friday, January 3, 2014

advent 2013 in photos.

Last year Olive and I did something new. We did a fun activity for each day of the advent. When she checked her advent calendar each morning she also found a little piece of paper with an activity written on it. And I photographed every activity and blogged about them as well. 

Things didn't go quite as smoothly this year. Tyler's work schedule was such that he worked quite a few evenings which threw off some of my plans. A few things were too difficult to do with June being so new. And lastly, almost every outdoor or traveling activity was nearly impossible because this past December was so stinking cold. Sledding, snowman building, the parade, etc., were all impossible. 

So I wasn't as on top of photographing everything as I was last year. Some of our activities ended up being quickly thought up - like get a hot cocoa when we go to the store! 

So here are just a few of the activities that we did in December:

We built graham cracker houses. :) We almost went to a park district finger bread house making activity but the only one that would work for us was too close to my mini sessions at the start of the month - I didn't think we would have made it in time. Sometimes it seems like having two cars would be useful. But think of the complicated car seat logistics involved.. 

So.... Houses. 

We were all supposed to make our own houses but Tyler soon started helping Olive because he seemed to think she should have an actual house rather than a pile of stuff.

My house was too big for the plate. I should have used larger plates.

Olive kept sneaking bites of the graham crackers.

My house. The roof kept collapsing.

Olive worked really hard at decorating hers. It looked great. And she didn't eat any candy. I accidentally ate a lot of frosting. Oops.

Each year we make ornaments for ourselves, my parents, and Tyler's parents. This year we made snowflakes. I like to buy craft materials and make things ourselves rather than using little pre-made kits.

Olive painted the wooden snowflakes with glue.

And then shook them in a bag full of glitter.

After they dried I sprayed them with a clear coat and Olive glued little silver and gold bells on them.

One of our more fun activities was a little friend party. Olive was really excited for this one.

Olive, Ethan, and Diego spent some time playing and then got to play with fun fake snow and make a huge mess before opening gifts.

And that's it. A whooping three days worth of advent photos! Hope you enjoyed them. :)

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