Sunday, January 12, 2014

day twelve, working again. { project 365 }

I had more work to do today.  I had a quick engagement session at the Como Conservatory.  It isn't my favorite place for a session but it's a nice indoor location to use in the winter.  A permit costs $25 for 30 minutes, which seems pretty pricey to me.  And it's typically crawling with people on the weekend so you have to be quite fast and strategic when shooting.  And then it was on to a meeting at a coffee shop.

I had hopes to photograph Olive sledding for today's photo.  After my session and a meeting I thought she would go with one or both of us but she changed her mind as soon as I got home.  Not too long after that she changed her mind again but it was nearly dark and therefore much cooler.  Tyler says we're supposed to get more snow soon so hopefully the more mild winter weather is here to stay and she can get some sledding in.  This cold winter sure has put a damper on outdoor winter fun.  As has the dog poop littered backyard.. I wish Honey would learn to clean up after herself.

I also wanted to take a photo of this really nice older homeless man that I gave some things to.  I wanted to go back to give him something else and get his name but by the time I made it back he was gone!  I also sort of wanted to take him home with me.. it can't ever be easy to be homeless but it has to be pretty rough to be old and homeless.  Maybe I'll see him again sometime.  Keep an eye out for him... he was at the off ramp heading east at 94 and Dale!

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