Tuesday, January 28, 2014

day twenty-eight, where i work. { project 365 }

Forgive the terrible photo.

Sunday evening and Monday evening Tyler hung two floating shelves for me. I'm slowly trying to decorate our house and personalize it a little more. Make things more purposeful and more us.

I've somehow managed to collect quite a few vintage cameras. They were previously on top of an antique cabinet in our dining room but it was becoming quite the balancing act to keep them there. So I purchased these shelves to display them in my "office"/"studio". It's a bit more appropriate and now they have more room.

I enjoy that I haven't purchased any of these cameras. Some were given to me, some were found, and some of them are old family cameras.

With the addition of the shelves, my desk had to be moved a bit and (because whenever I have to move something an inch I usually move it a few feet) so I rearranged. I'm really enjoying the new set up thus far.. but I only did it today, so we'll see.

It isn't perfect - I need an outlet cover, need to finish painting the trim, need to organize the shelves on my desk, need to clear up the mess on the desktop, and need to drink the hot cocoa in the red mug.

But I wanted to share.

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