Saturday, November 28, 2009


We took a short trip (to my) home with puppy.  She did great for such a long car ride - pretty much slept the entire time.  Of course we ate some wonderful food on Thanksgiving at Pat & Barbara's.  Tyler got a chance to explore Adam's iphone but I pointed out that his recent purchase of a 27" imac quad-core significantly affects our ability to purchase pretty new mobile phones.  That morning I baked a blueberry coffee cake that turned out to be pretty yummy.  Honey spent a lot of time at my mom's house where she had a few awkward run-ins with their teeny tiny Gwen. It was wonderful to spend time, however short, at home. And to also take a few bins of Christmas decorations back to MN.

I spent a few hours taking photographs of my Aunt Evon's jewelry.  She's into making jewelry but seems to be having a tough time selling it.  I took some photos (would have been nice to have my new camera by now!) and am hoping to manage an Etsy store for her.  I'll post a link as well as some of the photos when everything is set.

Today I had many thoughts.  Those thoughts are summarized below:

i want to live near water.  big water.  calm and glassy / rough and wavy.
to have mountains / a big hill in my backyard.
i want to see rocks and moss, and trees for children.
fish for my dinner - grow all of my food.
i want to make dreams and words and music and cake.
have too many pets and lots of bare feet.
and fires.

I just finished sewing a little flower thing onto a onesie. Our friends, Matt & Lori, are having a baby shower tomorrow evening. I planned to make a bib but got lazy and did this onesie instead. I hope to have the chance to possibly make a bib before her birth on Dec. 13th. My craft/sewing room is not nearly complete and I unfortunately don't find too much inspiration or motivation while there. I tend to lose most of my inspiration and motivation while at work. boo.

On to editing hundreds of jewelry photos. Oh goodness.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So much for writing an update about our trip to New York.  Goodness me am I bad at having a blog.  Maybe if I knew people read it I would be a bit more encouraged/motivated.  But maybe not. 

I have something interesting to share.  I do not want to boast about it and I am not too proud but I do suppose it is an exciting thing.  A Minneapolis organization created a new website about stuff to do in the different areas of the city.  On Twitter I read that they were looking for photography submissions.  I submitted a few neat photos taken in the city but didn't really have my hopes up.  The website is now finished and I noticed one of my photos!  I did not try hard to take a neat photo - I am not trying to say it's an amazing photo - and honestly, many of the photos on this website are not really that great.  But still.  Check it out if you like:  (it's the first photo on the left - my mom and Tyler in the Amber Lounge of the Guthrie)