Thursday, February 27, 2014

scott's birthday.

Oh yeah, Scott had a birthday. And a party. And I forgot to post the photos.

This will be quick, concise. I may have forgotten some details/names. I am tired.

We walked up the sidewalk to Brooke and Scott's house as their other first guests were arriving. We tied.

Brooke made a cake.

Scott made a bazillion pizza crusts.

Look! It's Scott! On his birthday!

Scott was making plans. About how to cook pizza.

Pizza chaos.


Olive was all like.. "hey... do you have a baby in your tummy?"

These are pizzas.

We gathered 'round to watch the first two pizzas be consumed. It was slightly awkward.

It's nice to go to homes where babies live. There are baby things to do.

Meadow just woke up. I think she was singing Happy Birthday.

Oh hi June.

I think Scott is saying something. This is his saying something face.

Careful candle placement. Nice colors here.

Olive helped.

Anything.. to be next to a cake..

How many hands does it take to put 28 candles on a cake?

The answer is: Four tea lights.

Meadow says: I think you underexposed.

Who knew it would take this long to candle a cake?

I think Blake moved. Where did Blake come from, anyways?

Olive was ready.

Scott seems overwhelmed.

Uh. Oops.

June's face is a cube.

A family.

The end.

Oh, happy birthday, Scott. So glad you could finally join us in being 28. :)

day fifty-eight, baking. { project 365 }

Yesterday was an annoying day.

Today was headed in the same direction. More quickly than yesterday. (I blame this never ending absurdly cold stupid stupid stupid winter)

So we made brownies. Because that fixes everything, no?

I ask you to, please, not pass judgement on my kitchen.

And then we went to an indoor playground when Tyler got home. I didn't take photos. Because.

We were supposed to go last Thursday on Olive's birthday but: Giant Snow Storm.
Not going today was discussed because: Stupid Cold Temperature.
But it had to happen. And so it did.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

day fifty-seven, mountain. { project 365 }

When this happens... I like to pretend it's a mountain.

But it's not. Not even a little bit.

Goal: Live near mountains.

Monday, February 24, 2014

day fifty-five, blur. { project 365 }

I have more photos from this to work on and post but my computer is crawling... so I was only able to get one done. The most complicated one. I'm relatively inexperienced with Photoshop, save for making band fliers like 10 years ago. So this took longer than it should have and probably could have been done in a much easier way. But oh well. Serves it's purpose.

Olive had a great time. I love documenting her.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

day fifty-four, frames. { project 365 }

Tyler claims that today he just added about $1,000 to the value of our home. Is that a compliment to my photography?

I've had these prints sitting around since a show and just rearranged my office.. thought I would hang them up since this new configuration left me with so much wall space. They don't seem level because the hangers in back aren't equal on each frame - I'll fix that soon. And I'll be changing the prints.. currently they're all north Minneapolis related but I'm going to print and hang some of my favorites from the past year.

Today we went to church. And then to the Pancake House (Not to be confused with THE Pancake House). But I forgot my camera. Because.

day fifty-three, signs. { project 365 }

When you have kids, especially a toddler, you find funny little things. Everywhere. All the time. My favorite it time to find these things is after said toddler has gone to bed.

Friday, February 21, 2014

day fifty-two, SNOW. { project 365 }

It snowed.

Shocking, I know.

I went outside to shovel as soon as I was able to get June to fall asleep. Tyler moves snow allllll the time at work so I try to help out at home when I can. Last year I was much more useful in this way. June makes it more difficult.

At one point while I was outside I ran back up to the door to listen for June, to see if he was awake. A soon as I opened the door I found Olive with her coat on, her boots on the wrong feet (which she can never manage to put on her feet when I ask her to.. hmmmm...) and mismatched mittens. She wanted to shovel.

She was quite upset when I said I couldn't get her shovel. She left it on the ground in the backyard two days prior and the million inches of snow we got covered it up and I didn't feel like digging. So I offered her her broom.