Tuesday, February 18, 2014

day forty-eight, school. { project 365 }

Olive starts "school" this week. She's turning three this week, so why not?

We've tried schedules in the past and I think she likes them but I've been terrible at following through. I still have the potential to be terrible at following through with this but she needs some more structure while I'm busy with June and other things that take up my time and attention. Her school schedule isn't overly time consuming but it adds some routine and helps keep me on track with providing her things to work on, instead of realizing the only thing she did all day was ask me to read a book.

So each week has a letter. This week is A. She starts by practicing writing. Then she does some work activities. Then she gets to watch a show. She also exercises, gets to do a learning activity on the iPad, a sensory activity or two, quite time (I hope), help me make dinner, review what she learned at church on Sunday, and more.

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