Tuesday, February 18, 2014

day forty-nine, mild. { project 365 }

Today was mild.

It was 40 degrees. It was amazing.

We didn't have anywhere to go but I had high hopes that Olive would want to go outside for the "exercise" portion of her schedule. I so badly wanted to go outside with her - with the mild temperature the snow was a little melty and was PERFECT for packing. But June had taken a couple of naps by that point and I couldn't get him to fall asleep. :( So I watched from the window, popped out to take some photos, and was ready with hot cocoa as soon as she came in.

I'm sorry for so many photos.. but if you're in the 80% of the country that has been snow covered and cold.. you understand how exciting today was for us.

This is what happens when your child has been stuck inside for three months.

I went into the sunroom for a better view..

Oh and this happens, too. Just happy to be outside and sit at an empty table.

And then really happy to be climbing on a table!

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