Friday, February 21, 2014

day fifty-two, SNOW. { project 365 }

It snowed.

Shocking, I know.

I went outside to shovel as soon as I was able to get June to fall asleep. Tyler moves snow allllll the time at work so I try to help out at home when I can. Last year I was much more useful in this way. June makes it more difficult.

At one point while I was outside I ran back up to the door to listen for June, to see if he was awake. A soon as I opened the door I found Olive with her coat on, her boots on the wrong feet (which she can never manage to put on her feet when I ask her to.. hmmmm...) and mismatched mittens. She wanted to shovel.

She was quite upset when I said I couldn't get her shovel. She left it on the ground in the backyard two days prior and the million inches of snow we got covered it up and I didn't feel like digging. So I offered her her broom.

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