Thursday, February 20, 2014

day fifty-one, happy birthday { project 365 }

This year's birthday was far less photogenic than last year's. The weather kind of ruined a few of our plans. :( But Olive is still three.. so I guess the birthday still worked.

It was supposed to be a snowy snowy day.

Which I suppose was fitting since it snowed a bunch the day that she was born.

I tried dragging the shutter in a few different ways to show you how much and how quickly it was snowing.

We didn't go to story time. :( It's been a few weeks and I really really wanted to take her on her birthday but with the snow on the way Tyler would get home much much more quickly from work if he had the car.

But, as it turns out, the snow would foil our afternoon plans as well, so Tyler hurrying home from work was less important. But still important.

We he got home Olive was sitting in the corner painting a birthday gift for someone else.

Eventually Brooke and Scott came to celebrate with us.

Olive was really excited about something. But I'm tired.. I can't remember.

Meadow looks so small.

June looks serious.. as usual.

Cake time!!

Olive pretty quickly asked for Brook's help to blow out her candles. But she did a great job trying on her own.

That last candle almost seemed like a trick candle. Then it was time for presents as it was already past her bedtime. But... birthdaaaaaayyy so who caaaarrreessssss.

Olive was strangely excited for this polkadot shirt. She was like.. gasp!! "It's what I've always wanted! Thank you so much!!"

She opened a ton of clothes. I figured I would gift her all of the 3T clothes that I've been buying. Make it more exciting to open things on her birthday and then she isn't randomly getting new things all the time.

Woah.. stretch pants..

Meadow ate basically all of the wrapping paper.

Tyler was excited for this book. This has been quite the book filled Christmas and birthday season.

Great expressions.

June and Scott are pretty comfortable.

And then it was bedtime. A sad sad bedtime.

Hi June.

I guess Scott was talking about something that was "this" big.. maybe?

And then it was time for Meadow to go home. Meadow and June both stay up really late when they come over to our house.

And I'll leave you with this:

Next week we hope to do the fun evening plan that we had hoped to do for her birthday. Fingers crossed.

This reminds me I still need to post Scott's birthday photos. And a 3 year post for Olive.

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