Friday, February 14, 2014

day forty-five, valentine-ish. { project 365 }

Valentine's Day. And June is three months old.

Olive woke to a sign, some hearts, a heart shaped brownie, a dress up crown, and a box of chocolates outside of her bedroom. I thought to photograph this, but I didn't. And I'm glad I didn't. She didn't like it. She cried. ha....

Once she recovered she enjoyed two chocolates in her room before emerging. She gave me two and hurried downstairs to give two to Tyler before he left for work. So kind. And then she enjoyed the brownie. But wasn't in the best mood.

Later she informed me that she didn't want anything for Valentine's Day. She also does not want any surprises outside of her bedroom on her birthday next week. She actually doesn't want anything for her birthday. But then she corrected herself and informed me that she wants her own small dustpan so she can help clean up, a real cat, and a pretend cat - with a button. She repeated this throughout the day.

We had heart shaped pancakes for lunch. She thanked me multiple times.

In the evening, after dinner, she chatted with Tyler's parents via Skype. They sent a box and wanted to see her open it. It's the box there, on the couch, a cereal box.. but don't worry - it's not cereal! She received some heart necklaces and stickers as well as a little puzzle. June was lucky - he got a little gift card and can use it to buy whatever he wants.

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