Monday, September 28, 2009

Shoppe & Photos

I have a few (new) vintage item listings up in my etsy shop. Please go look and buy.. []

Also, if you go to our "Pups" page you can view many many new photos of Honey Pie Pie.


Tyler's family came to visit us this past weekend. They helped us get some work done, mostly in the yard. They brought some yummy food to eat. They even brought an ice cream maker. Tyler & his mom made Vanilla Ice Cream on Saturday night and I made Kiwi Sherbert on Sunday night. I now want an ice cream maker - quite badly. They also brought their dog, Pippie. Pips is full grown but the same size as Honey. They seemed to have a great time wrestling each other and destroying a fluffy toy. : ) I'll have to post some photos of the action.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009


So much for starting a new blog. Let's give it another go...

I believe this will be a blog about us (tyler&emma) but will be maintained by me (emma).

Since the last post we haven't done a great deal of work on the house.. We've been busy with a new addition to our family.. a puppy! I will upload photos today. Her name is Honey and we adopted her from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley on Sept. 5th. She's lovely.

In house news.. We unfortunately had to invest in a new roof. Going into the process of owning this home we knew the roof was not in great shape - the previous owners bought the house foreclosed in an attempt to "flip" it. The roof was part of their improvements and whoever did it had less knowledge about roofing than Tyler and I do and we don't know too much. The flat porch over our eat-in-kitchen developed a leak. Luckily we got very little rain this summer so it didn't present itself as a problem very often but boy did we get stressed out when rain was in the forecast. Looking forward we didn't want to have a water/ice issue in the winter so we had some folks come out to give us quotes. Due to warranty issues (and the unfortunate state of the rest of our roof) all three contractors said they can fix the entire roof or nothing at all. If we both didn't work full time I would have been more than willing to delve into the flat roofing project myself however that was unfortunately not an option. We took a deep breath, choose a contractor, and now, after some contractor related hiccups, we have a new roof. I have to add.. the roof reminds me of chocolate and due to the unique shape, pitch, and roll of our roof, it looks as if we have a giant Hersey's Kiss sitting atop our home. Lovely! :)

**FYI** We opted to go with Sela for our new roof and due to a huge lack of communication and a few information mix-ups we wouldn't recommend you use them. Sorry Sela, we had high hopes!