Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear people that read this: Feel free to leave comments. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010


Today Ronick and I went to the Aveda Institute for haircuts. I must say we both look lovely. I wish I had a photo of her to share. Also, my hair smells so surprisingly yummy.

Wonderful timing, too. This little lemon (3.5" this week) is making my hair grow quite quickly. If only my nails would slow down.. ick.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're going to see the Twins play tonight. yay!

Last week the were tied with the White Sox at the start of a three game series in Chicago. The Twins won 2 out of 3 of the games. This week they have a three game series here in Mpls of which they have won 2 of 2 games. So... fingers crossed for a sweep tonight. My sweep song posted on twitter last week didn't work so maybe I'll try again.

please sweep the sox, please sweep the sox. sweep sweep sweep sweep, sweep sweep sweep sweep, please sweep the sox.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Community Garden

Our neighborhood, Upper Willard Homewood/Hay, has a wonderful community garden a couple of blocks west of our house. Unfortunately we haven't spent too much time over there what with having our own garden and basically being tired all the time... I hope I'll get to contribute more next year.

We have stopped by a few times to look around, collect a few things for recipes, and harvest some yummies such as cucumbers and peppers after reading an email about an overabundance of ripe vegis. On our little venture yesterday in response to that very email I had a chance to take some photos as well, which I added to the community garden section of our website.

There are so many varieties of tomatoes and peppers, quite a few herbs, some flowers, regular and lemon cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, swiss chard, and more!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tiny camping trip.

Here are some photos of our Sunday with Ben & Jordan - camping, exploring, eating, and a beach. I'll add some more words later when its not bedtime!



Wow, it's mid-August already! I can hardly believe it. Honestly, I have to admit that we wasted a good portion of our summer. We relaxed quite a bit but didn't really invest in too many outings or too many friends, save for Brooke & Scott for the most part. (Which is quite alright - they're good friends!) So August came upon us and a few things seemed to change a tiny bit.
Last week our friend Matt Nelson stayed with us Monday night - Thursday night as he was attending a conference at a Bible school in Plymouth and the hour or so commute to his house daily at 9pm and 6am would have been pretty icky. He brought us ice cream one evening. But mostly I just went to bed as soon as he got home. Oops!
That Friday our friends Shawn & Kaele came into town with their daughter (our goddaughter), Maeve. They recently moved to Fergus Falls. They had a wedding to go to Saturday that also had rehearsal dinner on Friday night. After dinner on Friday they came over and stayed through Sunday. On Saturday we had high hopes of being productive while they were gone but ended up wasting a few hours in urgent care because something felt funny. Apparently it was just me and nothing was wrong. Luckily they were willing to meet us at IKEA so we could eat quickly and get some blinds for our bathroom. I think we also ordered pizza later that night. And Maeve kissed me a lot. On Sunday we went to church at Bethlehem and headed to Bloomington to celebrate Shawn's birthday with his family. We had homemade enchiladas and watched cooking and baking shows.
(Speaking of baking shows - have I ever mentioned how addicted I am to Cake Boss? We watch it with Brooke & Scott constantly.)
And here were are, a weekend later, spending the last night with another pair of friends who came to stay with us, Ben & Jordan. They came Friday evening where we met them for food at Red Dragon. Yesterday we went to Steamworks Cafe (one of the few cafes in north Minneapolis), packed up, and went camping. We joined Brooke & Scott as well as Brooke's sister and her husband at the Minnesota Valley State Park. Jordan and I popped up the tents (I really like the tent my dad gave us) and crossed the path to join the other site for dinner, a fire, and s'mores. It rained a little but that was okay. This also marked Honey's first camping experience. She was a trooper! She was not difficult in the least and she didn't chime in when the other dogs at the campground were doing their morning barking thing. I'll post later with some photos. :)