Saturday, January 28, 2012

homemade almond flour.

You may remember back in December when I posted a little tutorial for homemade almond milk.. and how I mentioned at the end that you can use the resulting pulp to make either almond meal or almond flour..

Well a few nights ago I finally got around to giving it a try! After each batch of almond milk I froze the pulp until I had what seemed to be a decent amount for making flour.

I suppose I technically made almond meal not almond flour.. But whatever. Meal contains the little almond "peels" and flour does not. They can be used interchangeably.

I spread out all of the pulp onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper as the oven was preheating (set to 200 degrees).


I let the pulp dry out for about 90 minutes. I moved it around a few times with a wooden spoon.

After it seemed dried out I took it out and it looked like this:


Obviously not quite flower.

In little bits, maybe a cup at time, I blended it using my immersion blender.


After blending it all I put it into a jar and then I had a jar of almond flour!


This can be used as a gluten free substitute for flour in any recipe! I'm planning to make my "famous" chocolate chip cookies with it! Yum! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

eleven months old.

Last Friday Olive turned eleven months old marking the last month anniversary of her birth worth "celebrating". Her next milestone will be turning one, of course. After that I think I may continue taking photos on the 20th of each month - since I can. Of course documenting every month isn't entirely necessary but with the weather improving in a couple of months it'd be a good opportunity for us both to leave the house and explore some new photo spots!

It's seriously rough taking photos of a babe this age. She's so mobile and so interested in going places. I couldn't get her to sit still. I realize that is why one doesn't typically do sit down and smile style photos with a kiddo this age but when it's only me at home with Olive and we're in our not very photo friendly house.. I have to try. I tried silly sounds. I tried the sticker trick (which only caused her to eat the sticker). So eventually I gave in to walking around our bedroom. Great scenery. Ideally a portrait session with a babe like Olive would involve the photographer and a parent or two to help direct and hold attention, to play along... whatever. Not a mama with a giant camera trying to get her babe to pay attention to something other than falling off the bed.

Anywho - Olive is 11 months old!

A few days after turning 11 months old she started taking a few steps at a time. Now she's done about 9 at most, I think.
She's still a wonderful eater. She eats nearly anything put in front of her but preferences are beginning to show - which is neat!
Olive signs "more" and "all done" very consistently. Every day she's using "eat" and "water" more often. We're sometimes see "potty" and "please" but not very consistently at all.
Since her last month update we went out of town for Christmas and she did very well with all of the driving and sleeping at different people's homes for six nights I believe. It didn't seem to throw off her "schedule" when we returned home.
Olive recently began putting shapes into her shape sorter.
She has, on occasion, imitated words and phrases such as "all done" and "I love you" but that is few and far between. And just because it happened once doesn't seem to mean it'll ever happy again!
Olive loves to explore. She won't sit still with a toy for too long. Currently she enjoys climbing the stairs, especially when I'm in the other room. Yikes!
Olive is getting better at not dropping all of her food on the ground when she is finished eating. She will sometimes put all of her unwanted leftovers in my hand, on the end of her tray, or in her cup.
Elimination Communication is pretty slow going these days, unfortunately. We still catch a lot but we've really dropped the ball on the communication part. I assume it's more of a shortcoming on our part than on Olive's part. But the past few days she's been pointing to her diaper when it's wet.. so that's cool!
I was very impressed over our Christmas trip to see Olive immediately exploring the different homes that we were in, even places she had never been before. She is incredibly independent and has a big desire to discover. She would quickly and easily venture away from me, around corners, and into rooms she had never been before.
Olive totally understands how to open a present. :)
Her nighttime routine has become much more adorable lately. I usually end up nursing her to sleep in our bed and then transfer her to hers after she falls asleep. She understands the routine and tries so hard to fall asleep sometimes even when she isn't sleepy enough. She'll have some milk, crawl around, come back for more milk, crawl around and rock a little, come back.. it's cute.
Olive has been known to be nursing and unlatch to give me a kiss if I say "I love you" while she's nursing. Cute.
Speaking of kissing.. she gives Tyler and I kisses a lot now. It's refreshing since she seemed to avoid kisses for so long. On occasion she'll go between us giving us kisses. :)
Olive really likes the kitchen cabinets, of course.
Just before Christmas she got a new carseat and it seems to make car travel much easier for her now. She's much more upright and must feel much more like a big kid than a tiny baby.
We listen to music a lot during dinner and she really loves that. To request music she'll point to the speakers and sway side to side (that's how she dances).
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure she has a great sense of rhythym.
Gosh, I'm not sure what else to say. She's pretty awesome. :)

Here is Olive on her 11 month day (I included just a few of the blurry Olive-in-motion shots. I had to delete sooooooo many.)

20120120-11 months.jpg

20120120-11 months-3.jpg

20120120-11 months-4.jpg

20120120-11 months-5.jpg

20120120-11 months-6.jpg

20120120-11 months-13.jpg

20120120-11 months-16.jpg

20120120-11 months-17.jpg

20120120-11 months-18.jpg

20120120-11 months-21.jpg

20120120-11 months-23.jpg

20120120-11 months-31.jpg

20120120-11 months-32.jpg

20120120-11 months-39.jpg

20120120-11 months-41.jpg

20120120-11 months-44.jpg

20120120-11 months-45.jpg

20120120-11 months-46.jpg

20120120-11 months-47.jpg

20120120-11 months-48.jpg

20120120-11 months-50.jpg

20120120-11 months-51.jpg

20120120-11 months-54.jpg

20120120-11 months-55.jpg

20120120-11 months-56.jpg

20120120-11 months-57.jpg

20120120-11 months-58.jpg

20120120-11 months-60.jpg

20120120-11 months-61.jpg

20120120-11 months-62.jpg

20120120-11 months-65.jpg

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20120120-11 months-68.jpg

20120120-11 months-69.jpg

20120120-11 months-71.jpg

20120120-11 months-71-2.jpg

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20120120-11 months-78.jpg

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20120120-11 months-90.jpg

20120120-11 months-90-2.jpg

20120120-11 months-91.jpg