Friday, February 14, 2014

june @ 3 months.

Oh. Hi.

June is 3 months old.

Portrait of June. Taken by Olive.

A few days ago I weighed and measured him. A little more than 27" long and about 18lbs. He's just squeezing into some (new!) 6 month sleepers and he's wearing 9 month onesies. He's crazy. He fits into 3 and 6 month pants.. he seems to have a very long torso but average length legs. But many pairs of pants won't fit him because he's waist is too big. He's really really crazy. In contrast, I Olive is 28lbs and is 37.5" tall.

Haha... Big baby.

He has rolls. Olive had no rolls.


June is incredibly talkative. We can go back and forth making funny baby sounds, smiling, and giggling, for a very long time. He'll talk to anyone. I don't remember Olive being this social, especially this young. They're certainly quite different.

How we sleep. But with our eyes closed.

A few days ago I took him along to a dermatology appointment and the ladies in the room were quite impressed with how social, smiley, and talkative he was. One of them has an 11 month old so I can kind of take her word for it. It seems if people haven't recently been parents of young kids they're often way off in their perceptions of what kids should be doing at certain ages.

This is June's intense/excited fade.

He holds his head up really well. Occasionally he still does the bobble head wobble thing. If on his tummy on a flat surface or on his tummy on the hoppy pillow he can hold his head up very well for quite a while.

June stole Olive's doll.

A few days ago he attempted sitting up. Not just sitting up when I put him in a seated position but leaning forward, from laying on a pillow, to a sitting up position. Kind of like a sit up. I took a little video because I was amazed. He was motivated by Olive being in front of him. He kept trying to sit up to be closer to her. He was able to get upright and then would slow leave left.

And leaning all the way forward to an upright position. Repeatedly.

If I get him situated in a sitting up position he can hold it pretty well for a few seconds and slowly leans either forward or left.

Bounce. Scarf in case he tires to look at the ceiling and tilts too far back. Ha. Also.. 2:00 and first wet diaper. Good run, June.

I think we're related.

We're related.

We're sort of doing elimination communication and he's doing really well. There have been a few days that his diaper has been dry for about half the day because he would use the potty after nursing and after waking.

Ha. Chubby potty baby.

Again with the rolls.

An important step in going potty.. Hugging.

I'm pretty good at knowing when he has to poo and have been getting him on the potty for that. That's nice. I prefer to wash out a potty than clean off a super messy bottom! The few times he has had a BM in his diaper have been pretty ok though.. only a couple of times as it seeped out. He's certainly not an explosive pooper.. at least not yet.

He's all like... "What the heck is on my foot?"

June is very interested in his feet. Specifically when he wears his monster pajamas. Today he sat up from a reclining position and slowly got closer and closer to his feet, as his toes were wiggling and stretching, until he finally fell face down onto his feet. He wants to eat them. Badly.

June is viciously eating Sophie this evening.

He's still working on teething (lots and lots of drooling and gumming things) but no visible teeth yet. I can feel a couple.

Baby in a shirt.

Though I hope he takes his time with this. He likes to bit already while nursing and I would rather not include teeth in that equation.

"He's so cute. I wish we named him mom mom. Or Oliver. Awwww he's so cute."

Olive likes him a bunch. She often asks if she can marry him. I say no so she asks if she can marry me or Tyler. She says it's because she loves us.

He really likes her.

She is always telling June that he's so cute and so sweet. And she is constantly suggesting different names for him. Like raisin. And baby. And Oliver. Ha.

She had to pause for a squish while getting dressed.

In a couple of weeks Olive has her 3 year well child check up. I scheduled an appointment for June to see that doctor as well, since he hasn't had any appointments yet, save for the first few weekly appointments with our midwife.

Cutie pie baby face.

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