Saturday, February 1, 2014

day thirty-one, pizza. { project 365 }

Oops. I'm posting this a day late.

We went to Brooke and Scott's house last night for Scott's birthday party. It was a make your own pizza party.

Olive stayed out past her bedtime and June didn't want to fall asleep when we got home. So the night got the best of us and I wasn't able to finish the photos. Oops.

Here is yesterday's photo:

I brought my 5d mark ii and used the kit lens. At kit lenses go.. it's a good lens. But I should have brought a prime. It was night and their house is dim. I needed more than f/4. So I had the ISO bumped way up. And I wasn't really on top of white balance. But I had fun. :)

I'll post many more photos in another post...

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