Tuesday, February 4, 2014

day thirty-five, break in routine. { project 365 }

Today I went to IKEA with Olive and June. I didn't bring my camera.. for the same reasons as before. I'm glad I didn't. For the most part June was unhappy. I visited the family bathroom a million times to help him calm down and to nurse him. When he's that dysregulated it's just easier for us to be alone. I wore him in the Ergo and put a diaper in the pocket.. I didn't want to carry much around. So no camera.

I forgot to mention yesterday.. we went to the La Leche League meeting at Morning Star yesterday morning. Upset June. Then we went to Costco. Happy June. But either way, I didn't bring my camera. Come the summer I hope I can take it along with us more easily.

Anywho.. tonight I helped Olive get ready for bed. For much of her life I was the one to get her ready (because of nursing) but we made a fairly major switch to Tyler getting her ready almost exclusively before June came.. because that just seemed easier. I still help if Tyler works late (those are weird nights, we do everything differently) but it's mostly his job.

The past few weeks have been a little more difficult. Not terrible.. but there is more protest. And more asking us to stay in her room and sleep with her. :( So to mix things up a little I'm helping sometimes or we're both doing it. Last night Tyler got her ready and then I read stories with her. Tonight I did the whole thing. And then helped her build a bed on the floor to sleep there. Which she didn't end up using. Ha.

To make things extra different I brought my camera along.

Today's photo:

I had to keep these...

After she brushed her teeth she asked me why I had "high up parts" on my lips. ha.. the "peaks" on my top lip. I looked at hers and realized she doesn't really have any. And then I took a photo of my face so I wouldn't forget. Very observant Olive. And I'm not really sure why they're there.

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