Saturday, February 15, 2014

day forty-six, signs. { project 365 }

Today was busy... but also so slow.

I had a meeting with a potential client at a hotel in Bloomington followed by a stop in Crystal. I ended up booking the wedding (for 2015) and then dropped off order forms at a busy gymnastics gym.

I'm photographing the team photos for a gymnastics gym in Crystal in March. I had to create order form envelopes and dropped them off today. The gym was very full, I think it was between classes. So I just set them on the owner's desk.. I couldn't see him in the sea of parents and toddlers.

It had started to snow so I was in a hurry to get home and trade with Tyler. The snow always brings him into work, even if it's a weekend. So we quickly traded places and he later came home right before dinner.

I can't wait for snow to stop screwing up our weekends.

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