Sunday, January 19, 2014

day nineteen, sunday. { project 365 }

We didn't go to church today. I had a meeting with a wedding client scheduled at 12:30. But I was able to run a few errands before the meeting, so not making it to church wasn't too terrible.

I met a bride at her wedding venue in North St. Paul to go over details, get a tour, and collect the deposit. We've been talking for a few months now - it was great to finally meet her.

As soon I arrived home Tyler and Olive got ready to go sledding. Olive wanted me to take her but June had a rough time with the bottle while I was gone so it was better for him if I stayed home. Tyler and Olive were gone for quite a long time. It sounds like she didn't do as much sledding as she did playing in the snow. I finished up a cross stitch project and got hot cocoa ready for their return from sledding.

A few hours later Brooke, Scott, and Meadow came over. We haven't seen them since the day June was born! Well, I did run into them at the co-op once in December but that barely counts. We ate pizza and exchanged Christmas gifts.

Notice the giant pile of toys Olive has placed in front of Meadow?

Olive sad face photo bomb.

I think Meadow is bored...

Red and green plates. It's Christmas again.

I took a photo at ISO 6400 to compare with Scott's camera. June looks impressed.

After eating we opened gifts as it was getting to be passed Olive's bedtime.

I stitched Meadow a little thingie for her wall. It's the 4th thing I've stitched.

Meadow looks to be a pro at gift unwrapping.

Olive picked out some books for her.

Cameras. Photographers. Cameras. Etc.

Olive opened June's gift.

Meadow ate June's feet while Olive had a very drawn out and very sad bedtime.

June really didn't understand what was going on.

Feet are soooooo funny.

6 month old Meadow vs. 2 month old June

June is a little taller and has a bigger head.

Meadow is more mobile.. and less of a blob.

She can also fit under the couch.

June doing what he does best...

Meadow got stuck.

And then Meadow got really sad that it was time to leave.

June was concerned.

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