Saturday, January 4, 2014

santa grandpa.

Our December was quite different this year.  We typically travel home to Illinois and then to Iowa making a giant triangle shaped trip and have something in the realm of 5 Christmas celebrations not including our own when we finally get back to Minnesota.  

But this year we didn't travel.  We didn't travel mostly because Tyler was unable to take the time off of work that he normally does and also because of having a relatively new June.

Luckily we had some visitors so we could still celebrate and get a chance to see family and family could have a chance to meet June.

My dad was planning to come up whenever the weather was conducive to the drive.  He ended up driving up a few days after Tyler's family left (I'll blog about that another day).  I had joked with him that he should dress up as Santa as he was bringing with him Christmas gifts for all of us from him and from others.  Kind of like Santa?

And guess what?  He did dress up like Santa!

Olive was excited and waited by the window.

And then we saw him...

Olive had told me that she wanted to hide when he came but I told her it would be much more fun to actually watch him come and maybe even open the door.  She really likes to hide when people come over.. she thinks it's funny.

I thought Santa's choice of footwear was funny.

Apparently she wasn't confident that he was feeling well so she quickly grabbed her doctor box and checked him out.

She often referred to him as Santa Grandpa while he was visiting.  She thought the whole thing was pretty funny.  But if I call him Santa Grandpa now she says that's not his name anymore.  Whoops - I addressed his thank you card to "Santa Grandpa Ken".

He stayed for a few days and we took June out to a couple of malls.  Tyler worked late Thursday so we ate dinner at the mall in Roseville.  On Friday we went to the Mall of American (the Friday before Christmas - aaah!).  Olive was able to ride a few rides and I found some pants I could fit into more comfortably.  Trying on clothes while wearing a baby who is nursing at the time.. is not easy.  But I got new pants, so yay.

After we got home I had to cook our "Christmas" dinner as my dad was leaving early the next morning.  We had a mini Christmas-like dinner with a roast chicken, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, and probably some other things I'm forgetting.

After dinner it was time to open Olive's gifts before she headed up to bed.

My dad paid for her swimming lessons which are starting mid-January.  Since she can't really open swimming lessons he also brought her this giant box.

She was really excited to find this very large "zebra" inside.  It isn't a zebra.  But it is white and black.. so I guess that's okay.  I thought she had named it Purple Polkadot, but now she says that his name is just Zebra.

And then they moved into their house.

Olive gave my dad one of his gifts before it was time for bed.


And then we opened a bunch of other gifts.  :)

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