Wednesday, January 15, 2014

june @ 2 months

We're having a serious staring contest.

Let's try this again.


June is two months old, as of yesterday.


He weighs more than 15 lbs. He weighed that at the start of January. He is quite long. I'm about to retire his 3 month sleepers - it's time for 6 month. Do you think any of the mild weather 6 months clothing I bought him will fit when needed? Doubtful. Whoops.


Just yesterday, at Olive's swim lesson, a lifeguard who had very precisely guessed Olive's age, guessed that June was 6 months old. Um no. 2.

Comfy, somewhat shocked, baby.

He has given up on attempting to roll over. He tried a few times at a few weeks old but it didn't go anywhere, so he's given up.


June started teething two days ago, it seems. The day after his teething necklace arrived. The irony. Today he gnawed on and growled at the Sophie teether. He likes a couple of wooden teethers as well. The problem is he cannot hold them.. I have to. Bummer.

June is viciously eating Sophie this evening.

He picked one up yesterday. I'm pretty sure it was a fluke, but he is getting better with his hand eye coordinator. He hits me on purpose if I'm ignoring him when holding him. He seems to try to block himself from Olive's repeated advances. He hits the three dangly things in his little rocker seat. I'm fairly certain it took Olive much longer to even consider being able to reach those.

"Can you take our picture?"

June wears 6-12 month socks.

Good morning rolls.

He is cooing a lot lately and likes to play back and forth with sounds. He smiles a decent amount. Or looks at me like I'm crazy.

Many laughs.

I like to kiss him. And Olive thinks he is "soooo sweet" and that "his fingers are soooo sweet" and that "his cheeks are soooo sweet." I'm not sure where she got that.

Good morning. #siblings

June has had only a few BMs in diapers - he prefers to wait until he's on the changing table. I suppose that's okay but is occasionally complicated. And then I'm way thrown off when his diaper is dirty.

Game time. First chess lesson.

He sleeps next to me in a crib that is side-carred up to our bed. I love it. He wakes about 3 times per night to eat lately. Sometimes up to five. One or two times only twice.

Olive caught June and I sleeping yesterday morning.

He wears a disposable diaper to bed. He's what you call a "heavy wetter". June is already wearing the medium size gDiapers. Olive wore those until she was 18 months old. I don't think she needed them until she was around 9 months old. I would like to make him some wool soakers and get prefolds for him to wear at night but haven't done that yet. So June has been going back and forth between disposables and cloth. A friend from Tacoma, WA lent us her newborn gDiapers but June was too big to use them. We needed new small gDiaper pouches so he was in disposables until those arrived. Then he only wore them for a few weeks so we stocked up on disposables again while waiting for larger pouches to arrive. It seems he is going to outgrown the medium size, unlike Olive did - we never had to buy large for her. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Happy two month day giant June.

June still has "baby grey" eyes but they seem more on the blue side of grey than not. We'll see what they turn out to be but so far I'm leaning blue.

"He's such a big baby," she says.

He's great at holding up his head but he gets those little shakes and wiggles sometimes while trying to maintain equilibrium. I think it's pretty funny.

Relaxing on me.

I've tried to sit him up on a potty but he mostly hated that. I just brought out the Bumbo seat but he also didn't care for that yet. Olive has been driving it around the living room - she still fits. In fact, June's waist is larger than Olive's. Yep.

The circumference of 2 month old tummy is larger than 35 month old tummy.

My nicknames for him include "June Balloon", "Giant June", "June-y Boo", "June Bug",  "Mister June", "Mister Baby", and other little things that I also used to call Olive. Olive calls him "June June". That's what our midwife would call him - she has a friend with that nickname.

Happy New Year from June. He should copyright this position.

To my dismay, June does not love to be worn.

Yesterday. About to attempt trying on pants while wearing June.

Today June encouraged me to vacuum by crying whenever I turned it off.

Baby bug. Probably should retire this one but I think it's cute.

He does not love drinking milk from a bottle. The first two times I left for work, when he was two weeks and three weeks old, he drank from the bottle just fine, surprisingly. Since then he has changed his mind. The last time, this past weekend, Tyler said it went much better.. he just needed a lot of encouragement.

Yesterday Olive read June a book. Except he was sleeping.

June really like ceilings and is picking about his view.

Holy cow baby "muscles"

The other day he started to frown and had tears in his eyes when Olive fell over and started crying dramatically.

This is June FROWNING because Olive fell over and started to cry. He had a few tears. Aw.

Two months ago June:

Morning kisses.

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