Wednesday, January 29, 2014

day twenty-nine, poor tree. { project 365 }

This is the tree next to our house. It's a tough tree. It survived the tornado in 2011 unlike many of the trees on our street. It keeps our home cool in the summer. Save for a small tree we planted and some weird weed type trees.. it's the only tree in our yard.

A couple of days ago it was making really loud popping sounds. It was cold and windy that day. From what I could find online that happens to trees in the cold if they have frozen moisture inside but it doesn't hurt the integrity of the tree. But we couldn't be sure if it was a popping or a splitting sound.

Tyler called a few tree companies to get their opinion. We got mixed responses but they all came out this week to take a look. It sounds like the general consensus is that it needs to be removed or cabled because there is a large split in the center of the trunk that goes all the way down to the ground. The part that would fall, if something falls, are the two limbs that lean towards our house, specifically our bedroom.

We've had mixed information on if it should be saved or completely removed.. either way is costly. We're gathering quotes and have to act fast. I'm also trying to find someone that may be interested in a trade of services, as I always do. But we don't have much time to work with so I doubt that will happen. But even a portrait session would knock a couple of hundred off the total and we're looking at around $2,000 at this point. Yikes.

Poor tree. :(

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