Sunday, January 5, 2014

day five, baby bath. { project 365 }

I'm fairly certain you can count the number of baths June has had since being born on two hands.  Not counting the bath he was born into - har har har.  We're not crazy bathers here.  Especially in the cooler months when all it does is dry out your skin.  Here's an interesting article on the topic.  (really, just an article.. not like a super informative research paper or anything.. kind of a gossipy article.. but whatever)

It had been a little while since June's last bath so it was time for another.  With the super cold temperatures our furnace has been working extra hard which means our second floor is HOT.  So I think we all get a little sweaty.  Ew.

I wish I could have spent more time on these.  June was getting upset and Tyler is relatively unfamiliar with this baby tub.  And Olive was attempting to jump into the tub.  (not really, but she was trying to wash June and the tub was on our bed so that was probably not a very useful idea)

So.. I had to be quick.  Most of what I got was a little blurry, unfortunately.  I should have had a slightly faster shutter speed.  Such is the curse of the tiny screen on the back of a DSLR.. sometimes things look perfect when they're 2" wide - but they're not.

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