Monday, January 20, 2014

day twenty, two trees. { project 365 }

This morning I went to the Salvation Army and FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA. :(

I was on a hunt for a rash guard for Olive so she doesn't get quite as cold during swim lessons. It turned out, because it's a holiday, it was a 50% off clothing day.  I also brought a lot quite a few bags of things to donate.

The basement of our local Salvation Army thrift store is where a bunch of Target samples (things that are made before they're picked and edited for production) end up as well as overstock, I think. There are also sometimes returned appliances from stores like Target and Walmart. And occasionally other random things too. But mostly all new things. It's amazing.

I found a rash guard and a few other things.

And then we got a call that tomorrow's lessons are cancelled. :( The pool has a problem and it's currently draining so they can take a look and get it repaired. I hope it's ready to go by next week!

Later in the afternoon Tyler and I took our dry crispy Christmas tree outside and to the alley. And in the process we grabbed last our tree from 2012, too. Oops, that was still in the backyard. I was going to burn it but never got around to it. I think we have to cut the trees in half so they're smaller but trash pickup isn't until next Monday and it's really cold outside. So whole trees in the alley is what's going to happen for a few days. Brightens things up a bit.

I'll end with this funny story about our 2010 Christmas tree.

We took it to the backyard and I believe kept it there because I didn't know what else to do with it. And I intended to burn it.. or something.. I don't really remember.. but it sat in our backyard for a long time. Maybe it was even our 2009 tree? Because I think it was really really old. Like embarrassingly old.

Well, in May of 2011 a tornado came through our neighborhood. Part of our fence blew over (thankfully that was the extent of our damage) and the tree ended up in the street.. among many many large living trees that fell down. At some point someone who was cleaning up debris picked up the tree and set it on the curb. And then it was picked up with all of the tornado debris and turned into mulch. Ha.

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