Friday, January 17, 2014

day seventeen, spectacle. { project 365 }

This post contains many photos. 17 photos would make sense. But it's more than that. But I'm really quite sure you'll understand.

We've had a bit of an adventure when it comes to optometry the past month or so, as you may know. We still have yet to obtain new glasses. I need to confirm things with our insurance company (don't get me started).. but I've been ordering try on frames from Warby Parker anyhow. It's fun. And hopefully I'll be able to find and order some glasses I like.

Unfortunately this set of five were basically... terrible. They're great frames but they all looked hideous on me. I'm trying to find something similar to a frame that I fell in love with but just can't have. These... these weren't it.

But we made the best of our time with the box.  Forgive me for including color and b&w of some but... oh you'll understand...

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