Saturday, January 11, 2014

day eleven, working again. { project 365 }

I have a busy weekend.  Feels like I'm back to work "full time"... whatever that means!

I had an outdoor maternity session today that was rescheduled from last weekend, when it was a million degrees below zero.  It worked out well because today's weather was wonderful!

I'm very happy to say that I shot this entire session in manual.  I also brought along my 70-200mm lens despite it being quite large and heavy.. and I managed to use it a few times, too!  It's a great lens and I really need to get over that it's heavy and use it more often than I do.  But for the photo above I was using my 85mm.

After this session, in which my leg went through the ice on Minnehaha Creek and I finished the session off with a very wet foot, I had a quick meeting at a gymnastic gym in New Hope.  In March I'm going to take their team photos and hope to work something out so Olive can have lessons there.  She has a bit of bottled up energy these days!

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