Saturday, January 4, 2014

our christmas tree.

Our 2013 tree was so pretty.  :)

This tree was much more interesting than trees in the past.  This year our gifts were able to stay under the tree until it was time to open them, rather than driving them a couple of states away.
We were in this trees presence on Christmas morning - our first tree that we were able to share Christmas with.
The first year we had white lights on our tree, which looks really nice.

I noticed that on Black Friday Whole Foods was advertising $20 off of Fraser Firs.  I knew that was a nice type of tree and in the past we always went the super cheap route and often ended up with a dyed tree.  Ew.  Tyler's family was in town for part of Black Friday and I thought having some help with loading up the tree sounded wonderful.. since we had new June with us.

They barely made it to Whole Foods before the sale was over and there were hardly any trees left.  They were all wrapped up so you couldn't quite see what you were getting.  But they got one, tied it to the roof, and Tyler headed home.

I helped him unload it, get it ready, and set it up.  We gave it some time for the branches to settle and ya know what... it was a perfect tree!  The perfect shape and the perfect height and so beautiful.  :)

But now it's a crispy mess and I'm afraid of what's going to happen when we attempt to take it outside.  Yikes.

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