Monday, January 27, 2014

valentiny. { frost on flower }

June was so kind as to help me out this morning by snuggling up on a blanket on my set up. I wanted to test some lighting and try to get a few more photos of June and Olive. Olive was less cooperative and informed me that she was finished after just a couple of photos of her and June. After packing everything up she decided that she did, indeed, want her own photo, but it was clearly too late. Maybe next weekend when I'm set up for minis.. we'll see!

Speaking of minis - if you're interested I still have some openings for next weekend - February 1st and 2nd.

Whoops, these are in reverse order. Olive walked by which caused June to smile but she walked right in front of the umbrella which cast a noticeable shadow. But his smile is nice.

I thought monster pajamas would be a good outfit for the occasion.

It's not too easy to include the backdrop for infants.. since they can't sit up, but I wanted to see how it looked photographed. Since Olive wasn't interested in her own photos I had to use June.

I know, what a horrible thing I had to do.

Olive likes to hold his hand.

This one is my favorite.

In case you're curious and thought he looked mature for his age, June is now 17lbs and around 26" at 2 months old.

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