Tuesday, April 9, 2013

weather woes.

Remember my recent post about going outside?  And not shivering?

Today Olive and I attempted to run a few errands... we had to cut it short when little shards of ice started falling on us.

According to NOAA, we're expecting around an inch of snow and sleet tomorrow.  There is a 100% chance for up to 7 inches of snow tomorrow night.  There is a 100% chance for up to 7 MORE inches of snow on Thursday.  And a 90% chance of up to 2 inches of snow Thursday night.  Saturday's high is expected to be around 40... so the snow won't last long.  But um... Not cool.  We may see more than 15 inches of snow come Thursday night.  My goodness.

I suppose it's a little fitting that the sleet stopped us from buying bags of planting soil for the front yard along with wildflower seeds and soil and organic manure for the garden.  And maybe some solar lights to spiff up our sidewalk a bit.  I guess.  At least we were able to buy paper yard waste bags.. that we can fill with snow.

Next week better be sunny.  This gloom is so seriously not cool.

If April showers bring flowers... what does April snow bring?  Ice cream?


  1. Snow in April means higher chances for tornados in May. :(

  2. 2011 was a super snowy winter - did it snow in April? Is that "an old wive's tale" or real? I haven't head it before but I don't hear much about weather and I tend to ignore the thought of snow in April. I think it's supposed to snow again this week. :(