Monday, April 15, 2013

newborn twins. { frost on flower }

Back in February I met these lovely little girls for the second time.  The first time I "met" them was when I photographed their mama and their older sister for a maternity session.  They booked the First Year Plus package with a maternity add on so I'll be seeing these little ones again soon.  Mama's maternity photos were lovely but she opted to keep them private.

As anyone who has had or been around a newborn baby probably can assume... newborn sessions can be quite challenging.  I provide a list of tips to help the session run smoothly but sometimes those tips don't work well for a family or sometimes the babies do whatever they please... because that's what babies do best.  My tips include the temperature of the space, how to be prepared, how to assist me in running the session, etc.

I set up our space and started with some larger formal family portraits before moving on to just the girls.

The girls weren't in the mood to sleep much during the session but for the few moments that they did we were able to capture some peaceful twin love.


As newborn girls often do, they each had their own custom made hats.



In general positioning one newborn baby isn't overly challenging, especially if they're sleepy, but position two usually means you just have to go with the flow and see where they end up.  But regardless of what happens, newborn babies are adorable and extra adorable when they're squished together.



I love the following photo because it captures what parenting twins can really be like.  Mom and dad both have a hand on one little one, attempting to console and calm her while the other becomes increasingly more upset and can sense that her parents are nearby but not tending to her own needs.  Twin parenting must be full of plenty of compromises - even with both sets of parent's hands around to help.



Their older sister had her newborn session at a Sears Portrait Studio two years ago.  The family was hoping to replicate the same style of photo so that they could all be placed somewhere together.


As it turns out their older sister had a bit of a center gradient in her photo's background so I later had to go back and edit these... but I much prefer the solid black background.



They were hungry.



And of course we had to snap a few photos of older sister all dressed up for the formal family portrait.  I typically shoot family photos in a more lifestyle setting but this family preferred formal photos - we used the same space that we did for the maternity session but hung up one of my many fabric props to use as a backdrop to change things up a bit.




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