Tuesday, April 16, 2013

winter engagement at minnehaha. { frost on flower }

Minneahaha Falls Park in southeast Minneapolis is a go to spot for me for engagement and family portraits.  Most people are familiar with the location, it's usually easy to park nearby, and there are various backdrops including trees, walls, and different and weathered buildings.

This lovely couple emailed me and mentioned that they were very unfamiliar with what to do and what to wear for a portrait session.  They couldn't have been more of an ideal couple to work with - their choice of clothing matched perfectly, they tolerated the snow and chilly air beautifully, were natural and seemingly comfortable the entire time... as well as their dogs!


Whenever I'm with a family or couple that is new to me or new to photography sessions in general I like to take it slow.


We usually start out with some simple sitting posed photos, I give them some direction on where to look, and we get to know each other a little better.


After some time they're more comfortable and settling into the session and I have a better handle on their personalities, how to direct them, and what they may be willing to do.




Everyone takes direction differently so it's important to learn the personalities of the people you're working with and cater specifically to their needs and to attempt to capture them truly being themselves.  It can be a daunting task when it's your first meeting and you're only with them for 1-2 hours.






They couldn't have been more perfect.  We caught a great time of the day, when the golden hour was just beginning.  Even in the winter it's possible to get some sun kissed warmth in your photos.  Sometimes it's even a little easier since there are no leaves obstructing the sun's rays.





Congratulations guys, I had a great time working with you!  :)

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