Tuesday, April 23, 2013

to the guthrie again. { frost on flower }

I bet at this point you're able to predict just about where my session is being held... with the silly weather we're having this Spring we continue to be super limited when it comes to space.  Thankfully The Guthrie is always available and is always a great space to explore with younger kiddos.  As much as I enjoy my time at The Guthrie and as much as I adore these photos.... I just can't wait to get outside!  The lovely family pictured below is soon expecting baby #2... maybe I'll have the pleasure of taking a few photographs of the new family and baby in the great outdoors!


As I've mentioned before, I absolutely love lifestyle photography when it comes to family portraits.  That isn't always possible in a more confined setting like The Guthrie, however.  When possible I prefer to follow a family around and capture the kiddo(s) exploring but posing happens naturally because there just isn't too much else to do.

Lifestyle photos don't only need to be captured at home - when the weather improves setting up a simple family picnic and a few outdoor games at the park can be a great setting as well as a little family trip to the zoo.


The Amber Lounge is always one of my favorite spaces to photograph.  I love editing in this muted matte finish-like style.  And my subjects always love the windows.  :)



Sometimes I just can't decide which version of a photo I like more - the mood and emotion contained in a color vs black and white photo can be quite different and, occasionally, they're both very fitting.  So I throw them both in.  :)



Sometimes more than once.


As I've said before, The Guthrie is a popular cool/wet weather photo destination, especially on the weekends.  In the following photos you can catch glimpses of other families with their photographers.







The family brought along a goofy and very useful cousin to hold the little guy's attention and attempt to crack some smiles.  It was quite refreshing for me - as hard as I try I just can't jump around and make too many faces while also taking photos!  I do bring things like toys and stickers for encouragement but an entirely separate person willing to wiggle around and be a goof is always useful and certainly encouraged.  :)








Why ask a child to sit still, pose, and smile when you can capture moments like these?  I love to capture the true essence and experience of a family rather than trying to paint a false and "perfect" picture of a family.  Typically families aren't totally put together, sitting still, and smiling for a camera - that's a rough thing to accomplish, especially when you have a toddler.  This is one of the many reasons I love lifestyle photography.  In 20 years I want my clients to look back and remember exactly what it was like to be a family at this point in time... if that involves a pile of kids looking in various directions, noses being picked, and the occasional upset I personally don't mind.  :)  Of course I don't avoid the cute group shots that are great for holiday cards or hanging on the mantel but my true joy is found in the moments of true family joy.






As if he was working off of our schedule the little guy was ready to be done just as our session was ending.  It's best not to push it.  :)

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