Monday, April 22, 2013

a newborn little brother. { frost on flower }

It was a huge pleasure to photograph this little guy shortly after he was born.  I first started photographing his big sister about a year ago, for her one year photos.  She is the same age as Olive, within weeks, so they've always been really fun to check in with.  For her two year photos her mama was within weeks of giving birth so we squeezed in some cute belly related shots.

There was talk of a possible play date with Olive and big sister while we tended to the new guy's photos.. the session ended up being on a weekend morning though, so that wasn't necessary.  Olive was disappointed but enjoyed watching me edit these and was calling him by name when she would see him pop up on my screen.

It's wonderful following a family past only one session, especially for major events such as adding an entire new person into their family.  Welcome to the world little guy!  And thanks for letting me put you in bowls and baskets.  :)


His hat matched my blanket amazingly well.



I always have to capture some of the moments of mama's soothing their new littles ones during sessions.  Newborn photo sessions aren't all about perfect happy adorable squishy babies... they need some mama time in there, too.





Big sister popped in for a few photos, too.



Later we moved to the sofa where she was able to hold him for the first time - she did a really great job!  And we grabbed a few family group shots before being an older sister just became too much work and a cookie was needed.  I enjoyed a cookie also.  :)

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