Thursday, April 18, 2013

another minnehaha engagement. { frost on flower }

Like I recently mentioned... I go to Minnehaha Falls Park A LOT.  I had hopes of this engagement session looking quite different than the last one I did, as the seasons should have been in the midst of changing at this point, but they weren't.  So these photos are full of all of the warmth and charm that winter photos bring!  But at least the weather was mild so the couple was able to brave our time together without coats.  :)  Good job guys!


This was a fun session to photograph - the bride to be is the younger sister of a friend of mine and she now works where I used to work before I became Olive's mom mom.


I'm fairly certain that I looked super goofy making this big heart.  The snow was super crunchy and I often found myself standing on it rather than stepping into it.  I stumbled a few times but retained the shape of the heart.. thankfully.  :)


I've photographed her previously as a part of large family portraits and hear about her often from my friend.  Seems like a lovely idea to have a sister!





This session was a lot of fun.  I love looking back on photos when I'm editing knowing that their smiles and expressions were completely genuine and not posed, coerced, or faked.  It's fun to have little stories and goofy moments to attach to photos that other viewers don't know about too.






I think this last one was one of their favorites.  They're pretty happy!  Which is always great to experience during an engagement session.  Congratulations!!  :)


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