Thursday, April 4, 2013

we went outside!!

It's late.  I'm tired.  But I haven't posted anything here in so long.. I thought I should.  Because that's important, right?

Olive and I WENT OUTSIDE TODAY.  Like more outside than just running to the car or briskly walking from one building to another.

Guess what?  It was 53 degrees outside!  Holy buckets!  Did you know that last year, on Easter, Olive participated in an Easter egg hunt in our backyard wearing a dress and little sweater.  As did I, and Tyler only wore a sweater.  The Easter before that was similar.  What's going on 2013?

But let's not dwell on the past - today we went OUTSIDE.

I had intended to take Olive to the park but Tyler ended up having to go into work late and stay late so he took the car.  So then I thought we'd make a huge adventure of our first nice day and walk to the park (it's really not that far).  But Olive took some sort of weird epic nap which screwed up that plan.

I ended up feeling cold and tired later in the afternoon (nothing new) and was hesitant to leave our warmer home for a cooler outside since I was already cold.  But we put on our coats, grabbed some materials for doing chores, and went OUTSIDE.

What did we do?

I picked up trash in the front yard that had been stuck in the snow all winter.
Took down some of our Christmas lights (need to grab a ladder for the rest).
Burned sticks and brush.
Raked the garden a little until I sunk in the mud.
Began digging out a garden expansion.
Continued the seemingly never ending job of picking up dog poop.  Which, like the front yard trash, had been stuck in the snow all winter.  Ew.
Broke down boxes for recycling.
Tidied up a few things.
Brought the garden hose out of the garage.
And things.

Olive walked around.
Ran around.
Rode her bike around.
Tried not to walk in Honey's poop.
Put sticks in the fire.
Touched lots of things.
Squished mud.
Sprayed herself with natural bug killer, which then resulted in a jacket change.
Ran inside for a potty break.
Threw toys at the dog.
Touched other things.
Tried to shovel ice.
Tried to shovel nothing.
Parked her bike in the garage.
Found a piece of pink chalk that survived the winter and scribbled on the sidewalk before coming inside.

Here is some photographic evidence of our being OUTSIDE:

Today was 53 degrees. I think she was a little confused.

She's confused.

Yes, we will finish our fence.

We began a garden expansion. Because who needs a yard?

Coat change + garden expansion.

Biker babe.

Really excited to be riding her bike somewhere that is not living room.

So happy to run. :)

Evidence of excited running.

And run.

And more. You should view this one large. It's rather cheerful.

And.. Oops.

I missed.

Burned stuff. :)

Olive enjoyed the fire.  She said "fire! sometimes hot!"

And snow. Still.

Someday this will melt.  Will it be when the sun's placement is farther north and it's warmers rays peek over our southern fence?  Or will it be due to warmer temperatures?  Who knows.  But there are nearly fossilized pieces of dog poop in there that I need to remove.

On that note.... good bye.


  1. Glad you updated, Emma! I know, it's sad to think how nice to was already by this point last year. I remember taking walks without a long sleeved shirt on... in March. Not so much this go-round.

    Your photos are lovely, as always :)

    1. Things have been busy! I have so many updates I'm so behind on! Can you believe the snow we're expecting this week? Yikes!!!

      Thanks for the comment! :)