Sunday, December 9, 2012

2012 advent : day 9

We had to change our advent plans for today.  All night and into the day there was a big snow storm which meant Tyler had to go into work to move snow at the theaters.  :(  But since there was a big snow storm there was plenty of perfect snow outside to play in.  So today's advent activity was to play in the snow!

Olive wasn't really old enough to actually play in the snow last year, she mostly just touched it.  We also didn't really get a big typical snow last year.  So playing in the snow may seem a little boring.. regular.. but it was special and new for her.

It was snowing almost non stop all day so I didn't keep my camera with me for too long - it was getting too wet!  I brought it out a couple of times and used my phone when we went on a walk to the drugstore.

As you can see there are some focusing issues in some of these photos - my favorite lens is a little messed up from a fall it took in 2010.  Olive and Honey were moving quite a lot so I used ai servo but it seems to focus a little lower than the focus point I use, or at least it did today, and it often focused on a snowflake... oops!

Regardless of the photo quality... we had a lot of fun.

While Olive played, watched Honey, and attempted to shovel, I shoveled the front public sidewalk, our front sidewalk, our side sidewalk, our back sidewalk, and our entire back parking slab.  Twice.  Woah.





Honey's eyes are so striking in the snow but she would NOT STOP MOVING. Like insane movement. And she was squeaking the entire time. Maybe after the novelty of the snow wears off I can get a good photo. Crazy dog.







I know Olive's face is super out of focus in this photo but I LOVE whatever it is that Honey is doing behind her. haha!!








Such a pretty lady.


The conclusion of our second time out.  So much work.  My back hurts.

Here are some Instagram photos of our trek down the block to CVS.  I was in search of beans for chili tonight.  Unfortunately CVS didn't pull through.  But I did pick up some milk for hot cocoa tonight and for Tyler to use for his breakfast.  The roads should be better tomorrow so Olive and I can make a proper co-op trip.  :)

I love love this one.  Knee deep in fresh snow, perfect profile shot. Love the framing, the snow blowing, and tiny houses in the background.

I asked her to stand by the snow, to show how deep it is, and she tried to sit down.

Then she proceeded to make multiple butt prints down the sidewalk.

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