Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012 advent : day 4

Today's advent activity was to make a wreath.

We went to the Dollar Tree to pick up some supplies and walk out with enough to make wreaths as gifts, some squishy toys for Olive, some stocking stuffers for Olive, and a couple of books as a gift for someone.

The Dollar Tree was full of parents with little kids today. Olive kept saying "hi kid" to all of them fairly closer to their faces. None of them said hi back.




For the wreath that goes on the outside of the door we bought a simple Christmas wreath with nothing on it. I grabbed a few ornaments, light bulbs that don't work, and my hot glue gun and Olive told me precisely where to put everything and helped me glue them on.




For the wreath on the inside of the door I took a circular plant foam thing and used a knife to cut it in half. It seemed kind of thick and would take more yarn to cover it if it weren't cut. We can also make two this way. :)


I wrapped it in yarn in small sections so I wouldn't have to run the big yarn ball around each time. We used hot glue to secure the ends in the back and Olive helped me cut the yarn.


For this wreath we also used some fake flowers - it's really easy to pull the flowers right off the tops of the stems.







I also bought a few grapevine wreaths and a lot more flowers. We pulled the flowers off the stems and glued them onto the grapevines. We're going to save one for our door and give the rest as gifts.


We have a lot of flowers left so we'll likely go get a few more grapevine wreaths and make more! :)

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