Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 advent : day 11

Well.  If you've been enjoying these advent posts.. prepared to be disappointed today.

For Olive's 11th advent day we planned to see the holiday flowers at the conservatory in Como Park.  We took a quick trip to Costco first to get a Christmas gift, snacks for our trip at the end of next week, and supplies for making cookies for Christmas.

I thought I would check the traffic on my phone before leaving because the drive to Costco on the highway was less than easy.  I was very surprised that it was so bad.  After reading a news article and some press releases from local cities about why it is so bad, I understand.  But really.. there were clear spots, patchy spots where the patches were three inch tall ridges of ice, and sections that were complete thick sheets of ice.  This was the case on all side streets as well but I didn't expected it on a highway.

So... traffic, on Apple maps, was red.  Red all over.  There was no way I could think of to get around it easily and it seemed like the safe choice to head home.  Olive has also dumped her cup of water on her lap in the car so it was probably good to go home for multiple reasons.

Instead Olive helped me wrap a couple of Christmas gifts we had that were still not wrapped.  She applied the tape and helped me write names and scribble a bit on the packaging.

No photos.. ah!

Don't worry - everything should be back to normal tomorrow.  :)

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