Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 advent : day 14

In this post I am going to avoid talking about today's tragic events - I'll leave that to another post.  Olive's advent activity took place as the events were unfolding and before we heard the news.

For Olive's 14th advent activity we went outside to build a snowman.  It's supposed to rain quite a bit tomorrow which means less snow on the ground and more icky slush.  This year has been odd, weather wise, so I wanted to squeeze this in in case we don't have another good snowman building opportunity.  I'm sure we'll get more snow but it's likely it might be too chilly to play outside for long.  I think it was in the mid 20s when went out this morning and it felt quite nice in the bright sunlight.  :)

We went into the front yard because it was a lot less trampled on the doesn't have doggy messes.


She saw a bus on Broadway as soon as we went outside.


The snow was surprisingly terrible for packing.  The thin top layer was able to pack a little.  So we made a tiny snowman.


Olive liked him.


Or her?  Maybe she's wearing a dress.



Olive decided to go for a walk.


I put my camera down and started throwing snowballs at her.  Mostly at the sidewalk right in front of her so they would explode all over her.  She thought it was funny but I think she really wanted me to hit her with them.


I asked her if I could lay her down in the snow (I've been asking for days) and she said yes.


But maybe didn't have a great time.




I found a leaf and asked her if we could use it as a hat for the snowman.  She said yes and tried to pick it up.  On the fifth try she finally got it in one mitten and brought it over.


She tried to put it on.


But it fell off right away.  Her mittens are about twice as long as her hands.. it's hard to be a little kid in mittens.


I said "oh no!" and then she knocked our snowman down and stepped on it.


I said "oh no Olive squished the snowman!" and she immediately got on top of it and said squish.  She asks to get squished a lot so I guess she wanted to squish the snowman since I said squish.


And then she wanted to go into the backyard.  I let her in through the side gate and I ran through the house (with my snowy boots on!) to grab my keys.. I wanted to get the sled out!


I pulled Olive around for a while - she had to lay on it and I had to pull the actual sled as the rope was broken.  It was fun but not that fun.  So I ran inside and grabbed kitchen shears and cut down the twine I had hanging for a clothesline.  I tied it onto the sled and we had the most fun Olive has ever had!


She insisted on laying on the sled on her tummy while I put the rope around me and ran around the yard in a big circle.  She was giggling the entire time.


I would make sharp turns so she would fall off.  Honey came to check on her.


She giggled and came back for more.



ha.  :)


We did one more run after this and went inside to warm up.  I hope we can do this more this winter!  :)

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