Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 advent : day 16

Today Olive had her second hot cocoa experience.  She was supposed to have a date with both myself and with Tyler for hot cocoa this month but our weekend schedules and a few other things haven't really allowed that to happen.  So... we had a family date at home.

Olive and I enjoyed hot cocoa with fresh homemade maple whipped cream and Tyler enjoy some chai tea with maple whip as well.

Olive had a great time and repeatedly shared most of her hot cocoa with us (but really with me since Tyler was drinking tea).

I realized the other day that Olive seems very interested in everyone taking turns.  She would sip her cocoa and then say it was my turn or Tyler's turn and sort of go in a circle like that repeatedly.  How nice.  :)

Unedited and not very good.. because I'm really tired today..


Thanks, Costco, for the cheap good things.







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