Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 advent : day 5

Today was day 5 on our advent calendar. It was a pretty easy day since we usually spend the first half of Wednesdays away from home.

When Olive opened her day 5 cubby this morning she found another little sheep and a piece of paper that said we were going to make snowflakes! Yay!


Olive was prepared with all of our supplies. Winkled paper that she stole from my printer and scribbles on a little bit each day and a pair of scissors for both of us.


These scissors used to be mine. This was Olive's first lesson in cutting. She eventually caught on really well but would revert back to this strategy after a few normal snips.


She got to open them all.


"Open! Yay!"




Yes, her pants are on backwards.


She stuck one to the wall. "Hooray!"



I told her to stand by her snowflakes and smile. She said "yay!" and clapped. The solid piece of paper to the left is her solo snowflake. It has slits cut in it but she couldn't get the angle right to cut pieces off of the paper.

I peeked... and I'm excited for tomorrow. :)

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