Friday, July 15, 2011

olive babbles.

Here's a short video of Olive talking to herself. We also did this with an iPad when we were at the AT&T store earlier this week. Right now, as the video is playing, she's trying to talk to herself from across the room. Lately she has been talking to herself in the mirror a lot and when we're using a small mirror she tries to grab it and touch herself and lick herself. I set up a play date with my friend Amber and her son next week because I was feeling pretty bad about her failed attempts at playing with herself... she just hits the mirror... :(


Some nights I give Olive a large piece of food to occupy herself with while we're eating dinner. Last night started out with a carrot but she kept dropping it and couldn't find it and would get frustrated. I grabbed a huge, and really bendy, piece of celery. Eventually she started yelling at it. She starts to talk loudly, constantly, and occasionally yell like that when she's tired. It's such a distinct way to communicate that she's tired.. and here's a video!


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  1. babies are sooo funny! I love the one where she is just looking at herself talking back!