Friday, July 8, 2011

CSA, week 4

On Friday Olive and I worked a shift at the McKinley CSA. She was a good sport - she got to chew on a tiny carrot, look at tons of fresh produce, and use a big potty. :) I wore her in a ring sling while I separated and bagged most of what you see below. I wish I would have brought my camera.. everything was so pretty!

Week 4 : July 8 2011

Swiss chard, kohlrabi (yay!!), beets, cilantro, salad mix, carrots, and summer squash.  I had to make a choice between summer squash, spinach, broccoli, or radishes. Tough choice!

Unfortunately I bought beets at the coop yesterday and used those for dinner tonight so we'll be having two beet related meals this week. Tonight I made borscht with yellow beets. I may have to make my dad's family's traditional Christmas cold beet soup with these red beets. mmmm! I think I'll use the chard as a side one night when I grill some meat that we have. Maybe the squash as well. The kohlrabi and carrots with be snacks or salad ingredients.


  1. When we picked up your box for you I was super jealous that we didn't do it this year. I was thinking our garden would supply us with enough, but all we've eaten so far is lettuce and bok choy.

    And I like the food photo in this post.

  2. I know a few workshare people dropped out. I could ask if they want any more people.

  3. You got some great stuff!! I wish we had something like that here...maybe we do!

  4. You probably do! You should look around and get a share next year. It's really nice!