Friday, July 8, 2011

CSA, weeks 1-3

This year Olive and I are doing a work-share at McKinley CSA. It's an urban farm in north Minneapolis.

Ideally there will be a post each weekend with a photo of our CSA share, a list of what we received, and some ideas of what I'll use it for. Our first pick up date was Friday, June 17th so I'm clearly behind!  In order to fit everything into the photo I put it on our kitchen table, stand on a chair, and hold my camera up really high.  So please don't judge my photography skills based on these photographs.  Please.  I know I could easily put on a difference lens but I'm too hectic of a person to take time to do that.

Week 1 : June 17 2011

Spinach, salad mix, eggs, breakfast radishes, mint, fresh onions, spinach, and maybe more but I don't remember.

Week 2 : June 24 2011

Our good friends Brooke & Scott picked up our share this week since we were in Chicago. I know I'm forgetting things but I think this share included strawberries, lettuce, salad turnips, pea pods, pea shoots, and more.

Week 3 : July 1 2011

Dill, red onions, broccoli, kale, tiny potatoes, salad mix, and probably things that you can't see because this photo is terrible.

Some things I've made using ingredients from our CSA:

Pea shoot pesto w/pasta & shrimp.

I don't remember. With tofu and rice. And a cinnamon stick.

Egg & mushroom & bacon thing.

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