Tuesday, July 19, 2011

new fence project, part 3.

Sorry for the delay in posting more about our fence. I guess it doesn't really matter much as the final post is unable to be written as the fence isn't finished! Here in Minnesota we've had some eventful weather as of late. There has been quite a bit of rain and some pretty intense heat which have both hindered us from working on the fence, unfortunately.

Speaking of the weather.. I heard on the news this morning that tomorrow's heat index could hit 120 degrees! Isn't that absurd?! Maybe I should take this moment to inform everyone that it is not, in fact, always cold in Minnesota. I'd say we have some pretty extreme extremes here. In the winter it can get quite chilly (but not much colder than Chicago!!) and we get a decent amount of snow (which I don't mind). It can be beautiful here in the summertime though we experience some nasty humidity from time to time (for example.. right now). Spring and fall typically seem to be rather short. But no matter what the weather is doing outside I've noticed that Minnesotans are almost always complaining about it. Hmm.

Like last year, we've been sticking it out without air conditioning. But unfortunately we realized that this was making it increasingly difficult for Olive to fall asleep and she was waking up earlier from naps and more often during the night. This morning, while I snuggled in bed with Olive, Tyler was wonderful and brought the big old air conditioner up from the basement and put it into a window. We've had it on today and it's cooling off Olive's room quite well. I suspect we'll only need to use it for a couple more days.

Back to the fence!

After the demolition that I wrote about in my previous fence post we took a lunch break. We had some yummy turkey bologna sandwiches on homemade bread topped with also homemade avocado and dill dressing. I believe we also had some leftover local salad. Yum! While the big kids enjoyed our sammies the little babe enjoyed some avocado. :)

Tyler's brother's wife, Joy, was nice enough to take a few photos of Olive and I while we were working on the fence. I am very grateful because I'm often behind the camera and have very few photos of me and Olive (save for photobooth.. which really doesn't count).

After lunch Joe and I ran to North End hardware, our neighborhood hardware store, to pick up the post hole auger. It can be rented for 2 hours, 4 hours, or one day. We were hoping to get it back in the 2 hour time frame but I think we were all skeptical. Unfortunately we didn't have a 4 hour option as the store closed at 5 and we picked it up around 2. I didn't get any photos of the guys digging the holes because the process was a bit complicated. We used hemp and yarn to mark where the hole should be. We ran into roots in many of the front holes near the big tree. Joy and I used bowls and measuring cups to dig out holes that had rocks in the bottom or roots in the way. After rushing to return the auger with about two minutes to spare we discovered that some of our holes were off. This resulted in lots of hand digging to correct our mistakes. And in the process we found more chunks of concrete.

We were finally able to set a few posts before nightfall!

Next up I'll share photos of more posts and fence panels in place! :)

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